of French people are stressed because of their working life

of stress problems

are due to financial worries

of people report being stressed by their personal lives

Well-being, an essential part of your health

To have fully healthy life, taking well-being into account is essential.

However, the belief that taking care of oneself is something of a luxury reserved for the privileged few, often prevents us from using alternative medicines, at our own expense.

Technology for well-being

An innovative and accessible solution

Facing stress ?

A moment

of respite

for the body and mind.

A short voyage of serenity out of the ordinary, a moment of total relaxation, closest to your emotions  thanks to virtual reality.

What happens during a session ?

You are welcomed by our team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

You are welcomed by our team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

You are transported by virtual reality to exotic and serene worlds and guided by sophrologists to enhance healing of body and mind ...

You choose a 10, 15 or 20 minute relaxation session selected from 8 themes,

8 natural environments and

2 languages (English or French)

Your naturals environments

Sea and sunset

Trip to sea

The colours of the lagoon

The beauty of the skies



Floral wealth 

of the summits

In the heart

of the Scottish lochs


in the stars

Your themes



Undo stressful patterns,

listen to your emotions,

regain your calmness.



Rebuild your confidence, become aware of your potential and achieve your daily goals



Isolate pain and reduce its hold on your body and mind. Restore your body.



Take a step back and welcome changes or new challenges in harmony with your emotions



Invite tenderness and harmony into your inner being.

To find the balance between emotions and thoughts



Accept and treat yourself with kindness to build a positive self-image.



Allow yourself to let go.

Positively accept to live in the present moment with serenity.



Release tensions for a deep recovery. Create a ritual for nights more zen.