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Having worked in human resources in a large multinational for several years, I have met many people in pain, grappling with the daily stress of workload or change, unresolved conflicts and even a lack of confidence in their abilities ...


I deeply believe, to practice it, that immersive well-being by virtual reality is a major ally in bringing well-being to everyone and to the very heart of all professional structures.

Valérie Thévenin,

co-founder of ConVRgence

immersive well-being

Our vision

In this hectic world that surrounds us, who has not dreamed of disconnecting for a few minutes to simply think of yourself?


We want to make accessible to everyone the experience of being taken away from where you are physically in order to focus on the essentials, to get away from it all at the most stressful times.


Relevant association of " convergence " (action to tend towards a common goal) and " VR " (Virtual Reality)

Convrgence is the ideal alliance that allows you to enter a bubble of escape and well-being ...

  • traditional methods for sophrology sessions for the auditory side,

  • Virtual Reality technology for visual and sound immersion in diverse and varied 360 ° natural landscapes,

  • add a good dose of human with friendliness, listening, support, kindness, empathy ...


All this to transport you to a stopover totally dedicated to serenity to make you experience an extraordinary time of relaxation.


Many studies carried out in the medical sector have proven the effectiveness of VR (virtual reality) in the management of stress and relaxation, it is time to put it to use in our daily lives!


Our engagements



Convrgence offers you a unique moment of cocooning, a stopover dedicated to serenity where benevolence, escape and rejuvenation come together.



Listening, adaptation and simplicity are fully integrated into our practice. Immersive well-being easily adapts to your agenda and / or your activity.



Unique alliance of traditional anti-stress approaches and the latest technological innovations in virtual reality recognized by professionals.



By providing you with quality service

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