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Immersive well-being

at your service

made in France

An innovative and revolutionary ally adapted to your needs

ConVRgence is listening to you!
Following all your feedback, we are happy to offer you a new well-being solution, adapted to your needs.

Because well-being is essential for you, as for us, our sessions go beyond relaxation ... an extraordinary stopover ... to take care of you, your employees, your patients, your residents, your customers ...


Quality sessions

Caroline Marjot, Caycedian sophrologist, NLP master practitioner and trainer, has specially developed for you superb and beneficial sophrology sessions adapted to each theme according to the duration of the session, thus offering you a progression towards your physical well-being and mental.

100% natural landscapes in 360 °

Our videographers around the world have brought us relaxing natural landscapes, filmed in 360 ° 8K, in order to offer you exotic trips that transport you to a bubble of relaxation and escape.

Technology at the service of your well-being

VR (Virtual Reality) technology, a real tool for complete immersion, which teleports you to make you forget the present for a moment. An application developed in France, intuitive and easy to use.

Bringing well-being … for all !

Thanks to an innovative virtual reality solution

immersive well-being qvt relaxation
relaxation immersive well-being
immersive well-being relaxation relaxation
immersive well-being relaxation
Social workers (Ephad, Hospitals, private hospitals)
Professionals, company

Non-medicinal alternative.

Improve the lives of patients or seniors citizens

Put people back at the heart of professional issues. A happy employee is 31% more productive!

Wellness salons, SPAs, wellness professionals, hotel

Differentiate and reach a wider clientele in tune with innovation and the latest technology


Take a revitalizing break :
relaxation, escape …
Taking care of yourself is essential !

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