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Well-being at Zen prices

Formulas adapted to your agenda

Taking care of yourself is essential!
Take a revitalizing immersive wellness break

A moment just for you, where you will be immersed in a bubble of well-being

... home

15 minutes
15 minutes

Immediate and efficient disconnection thanks to to a unique sensory experience.

20 minutes

A moment

unique cocooning to release daily tensions.

20 minutes
30 minutes

A time to reconnect with yourself and regenerate

your body

and your mind.

30 minutes

Book your session now

06 09 31 92 28 or

Offer a unique and original moment

of well-being and escape

Spa Essentials

A birthday ? A bachelorette party?

Do you want to take advantage of this break time together?

and many other good reasons to let your loved ones discover immersive well-being.

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